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Awesome Autumn – Make some memories with a family photo shoot

Making memories with a family photo shoot

Autumn is just around the corner and this can be a wonderful time of year to take pictures. With vibrant colours Autumn 
has to offer it's the perfect time to take photo's of your family. 

We all have a camera of some sort, whether it's a DSLR or even a mobile phone, these tools let us take great pictures. 
Don’t worry if you're not a professional photographer, it's all about taking time out with your family and having fun 
and doing something together. Now get out there and make some memories!

A trip to a local park, woodland, historic house and gardens or any fun outdoor location can inspire some great pictures.
Children relax more when they are given the freedom to run around and explore. Avoid asking the children to smile and 
instead just be ready to take a snap when they are doing something they enjoy for more natural looking pictures.

Choosing what to wear is not the most important thing to consider but to get better looking pictures, try to wear similar 
colours and avoid wearing clothes that have a big logo on them. Casual is OK and choose something you all feel comfortable
 in. The clothes you wear can make a big difference to your pictures.
Finally, when you look at the pictures you have taken don't just leave them sitting on your computer or phone. 
You will get much more satisfaction by displaying your favourite pictures at home in a lovely frame for your wall.
Another great idea is to tell a story of your day in a book or album.

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